Horrid Henry's Krazy Karts Mobile

Get ready to race with the mischievous master of mayhem, Horrid Henry!

Buckle up for a kart racing adventure filled with thrills, spills, and hilarious chaos. Swoop over awesome jumps, dodge yucky obstacles, collect crazy power-ups and deploy hilarious pranks, racing through 40 mischief making levels to become the ultimate king of karting.

Play as Horrid Henry or as one of his friends. Perform amazing tumbles to gain airtime points, pull off perfect pranks, collect awesome power-ups, and deploy crazy character transformations to be first over the line.

Visit Henry's Workshop to create the coolest customised kart around. Choose your kart, change the wheels, select the best engine, then add funky stickers and cool paint effects. Can you create the funkiest kart ever?

Play 8 mighty bonus games to unlock terrific tricks and power-ups to use in the next race. Foam Fungus Fizz, Smelly Snot Slime, Gross Goo, Banana Skid, Bedspring Bounce, Slime Squirt, Snotbag Slinger and Perfect Plane. Which one will be your favourite?

Want to be the best? Brainy Brian is on hand to show you how with his interactive race tutorial.

Fun, Fast and Frantic. Non-stop action-packed racing that will keep you entertained for hours!

OUT NOW for iPad and iPhone and Android Tablets and Phones.

• Suitable for ages 6 and over
• Simple and responsive controls
• 40 mischief making levels set in Henry's amazing world
• 8 mighty bonus games to unlock hilarious pranks
• Kart customization workshop
• Heaps of yucky obstacles, power-ups and character transformations
• Built in race school tutorial
• Original rocking sound-track
• Real character voices and hilarious SFX
• Authentic artwork styled around Henry's TV show

Fun, Fast and Frantic, this non-stop action-packed side-on racer will keep you entertained for hours!

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Date Posted (17.01.2024)


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