Horrid Henry's Krazy Karts Mobile

Buckle up, hit the accelerator, and get ready for the craziest kart race ever!

Take control of your kart as you dash through 40 mischief making levels full of high-speed action, awesome jumps, yucky obstacles, and of course, hilarious pranks.

Perform breathtaking stunts and gravity defying airtime tumbles to unlock rewards and bonus points, or deploy crazy character transformations to surge ahead. Conquer exclusive mini-game challenges to unlock terrific tricks and potent power-ups that will leave everyone else standing!

Drive six different Krazy Karts, each with their own unique race characteristics. Select the best engine, add special tires, then create your very own customised paint-job.

Race as your favorite characters from the TV show: Horrid Henry, Rude Ralph, Moody Margaret, Perfect Peter, Brainy Brian or Singing Soroya.

Plunge down deep ravines and traverse the treacherous swinging platforms in Gross World. Dodge mum's clean washing and leap over the wheelie bins in Ashton Town. Hurtle down the corridors of the school or mess up the park-keepers tidy piles of leaves in Park. Every authentically created location is stuffed full of wacky obstacles, collectibles, power-ups and perfect pranks.

For iPad, iPhone and thousands of Android Tablets and Phones.

• Official Licensed Horrid Henry Product
• Simple and responsive controls
• 40 mischief making levels set in Henry's amazing world
• 8 mighty bonus games to unlock hilarious pranks
• Kart customization workshop
• Heaps of yucky obstacles, power-ups and character transformations
• Built in race school tutorial
• Original rocking sound-track
• Real character voices and hilarious SFX
• Authentic artwork styled around Henry's TV show

Whether you're a Horrid Henry fan or just love racing games, you're going to love Krazy Karts. It's non-stop action packed racing everyone can enjoy.

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Date Posted (17.01.2024)


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