Horrid Henry’s Big Box of Pranks

For Apple or Android Tablets and Mobiles.

Big Box of Pranks is a fast and funny, action-packed collection of mini-games based on Horrid Henry’s love of pranks and mischief.

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★★★★★ “We love this app, it's so addictive and very funny”
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Featuring your favourite characters and all of Henry’s nemeses from the BAFTA nominated TV series; play through a wide range of fast moving mini-games. The difficulty level increases as you progress through all the pranks, becoming more and more frantic until you lose all your lives!

Challenge yourself or friends and family to beat your own high score and unlock new games by moving up the levels – ultimately to become ‘Lord High Excellent Majesty of Pranks’!


Be Horrid…be really horrid. Download Now … if you dare!

This app is available to play in: English.

SUPER SPIDER SCARE – Scare Perfect Peter using a fake spider. Get your timing right to drop the spider onto Peter’s head to pull off the perfect prank!

GROSS GOO – Who is that at the door? Whoever it is will be getting a face full of goo! Rub your finger over their face to cover it with globs of goo!

BUMPER BURPTASTIC – Henry needs to get rid of the babysitter. A gigantic burp should do the trick! Fill the on-screen belch meter as quickly as you can!

LOUNGER LIFT OFF – Moody Margaret has fallen asleep on the sun lounger. Attach the balloons to the lounger and make her float away!

DINO DASH – Henry’s imagination can sometimes get carried away and one of his fantastic pranks involves being transformed into a Henryosaurus and devouring Perfect Peter!

SCHOOL SQUASH – Another prank from Henry’s wild imagination. Henry plans to become giant-sized and stomp on the school!

DEMON DECORATOR – Henry has always been an artist and has found a new way to decorate a room – with paint balloons!

WIZARD WHOOPEE – Nothing can beat the classic whoopee cushion on a chair prank. Henry just needs to place it without being noticed!

FLICK THE BOGEY – Henry is an expert at bogey flicking. See if you can hit his friend Ralph from great distances too!

HORRID HOSEDOWN – Henry thinks he is fastest on the draw and is challenging Moody Margaret to a quick draw super soaker challenge!

PLUS 5 PRANKS TO UNLOCK - Super Stinker, Door Drencher, Fatal Fart, Mud Pie Mayhem and Balloon Bombard.
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