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App Quick Start Guide


Ben and Holly\'s Little Kingdom ‐ Big Star Fun app is full of fun activities based on episodes from the TV series. Children can throw sticks for Gaston; spot Ben and Holly in the Great Elf Tree; fly Ben and Holly to collect stars; and sweep up leaves after a storm.

Children can choose to play the games as either Ben or Holly and all games can be played on Easy or Hard difficulty levels. Easy level allows your child to practise their skills whilst the Hard level is played against the clock, with added surprises to make it more difficult.

There are over 50 stickers to win, encouraging children to play the games again and again. The stickers can be used to create amazing pictures with all their favourite characters from Ben & Holly\'s Little Kingdom.


Listen to the narrator and follow his advice and prompts throughout the game.
Play the game to win stickers.
Games can either be played as Ben or Holly.
Use the Flag buttons to play the game in a different language if you wish.
Look out for the ☆ Reward notes throughout this guide.
This is the exit door button. Press it at any point in the game to quit the current game and go back to the previous menu.


From here, touch the Play button to start the game or change the language selection.

The Play Screen

The game is available in 6 languages - English, French, Italian, German, Spanish or Dutch. The game automatically starts the game according to the language setting of your device.


If you wish to play the game in a different language, touch the Flag button and select another language using the flags displayed.

Changing Language


You can choose to play the games as either Ben or Holly. The selected character then appears in each game, apart from the Hiding game which includes both characters.


Touch the character you want to use to get started.


From here you can select all the activities as well as access the Grown Ups area.

Grown Ups