Peppa Pig - Theme Park Fun


Join Peppa Pig and her family in this fun-filled day out at the Theme Park.

Packed with an incredible 18 exciting games and activities, children can have fun preparing a picnic, playing I-spy, driving a bumper car, getting dizzy in a teacup, making an ice-cream and much, much more!

Both challenging and stimulating all games have been designed so they are perfect for children to simply pick up and play and to help develop essential early learning skills.

Featuring Peppa Pig and her family, plus all the familiar music and sound from the TV series, Peppa Pig THEME PARK FUN is a must-have addition to any young fan’s Peppa App Collection.

Available for Nintendo DS.


LET’S GET READY – Peppa and George need to get ready. Help them wash their faces, get dressed and brush their teeth.

PREPARE A PICNIC – Help make a yummy picnic. Slice the bread and choose your sandwich filling, then choose from a selection of jelly, cakes and drinks.

I-SPY – Look out the car windows and choose the right objects to win the game. You can play with colours or phonetically pronounced letters.

FIX THE CAR – Help Grandad Dog fix the car by passing him the right tools for the job. He may also need some tea and biscuits while he’s working!

MEND THE MAP – Daddy Pig is lost. Choose a map then help Daddy Pig put it back together to find the route.

TRAIN RIDE – Drive the theme park train to each station and help the passengers get on and off the train to win tokens.

TRAMPOLINE – Touch the trampoline to make Peppa and Suzy jump higher and higher to pop the balloons.

SEE-SAW – Correctly balance the see-saw by adding or removing characters from both sides.

MUSICAL WATER FOUNTAINS – Watch the scene come alive with magical rainbows, colourful flowers and cute creatures as you play the with the Musical Water Fountain. 3 activities including free-play option.

WATER CANNON – Use the Water Cannon to knock over as many ducks and boats before the time runs out.

CANDY FLOSS – It’s time to make some Candy Floss for Peppa and her friends. Play against the clock or take as long as you like. Yummy.

BUMPER CARS – Help Peppa steer the red car to bump into the other cars. You need to bump the other cars 10 times in the correct order to win tokens.

ICE-CREAM – Can you make a lovely ice cream for Peppa and her family. Make the correct ice-cream using the ingredients on the screen.

HOT AIR BALLOON – Steer the Hot Air Balloon to collect as many balloons as you can. Then pop the balloons to win tokens.

TEACUPS RIDE - You are in control of the Tea Cup Ride. You must correctly complete the sequence of instructions to make the Tea Cup spin, tilt & move up and down for each character.

PICNIC - Peppa and her family are hungry. Help them put out the picnic on the table by choosing the right selection of food and drink.

REMOTE CONTROL CARS - You race the red Remote Controlled Car against the others in a 3, 5 or 7 lap race. Don’t forget to press the Turbo button for extra speed.

THEME PARK SHOP - Let’s visit the Theme Park Shop. Use the tokens you have won to buy more stickers for your Sticker Book.

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