Peppa Pig's Sports Day


Play along with Peppa and her friends with a selection of 6 fun single and multi-player sports games and activities.

Compete in the Obstacle Race, Long Jump and Bicycle Race and see if you can win the Tug of War. Design your own rosettes and see them being awarded to Peppa and her friends in the game.

Simple touch screen interaction and intuitive game play plus audio instructions and prompts by TV series narrator John Sparkes make this the perfect app for pre-schoolers.

Featuring Peppa Pig and her family, plus all the familiar music and sound from the TV series, this fun app allows parents, friends and siblings to all play together!

This app is fully translated and contains the following languages to play in: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish.


OBSTACLE RACE – Successfully jump over as many obstacles as you can to be the winner.

LONG JUMP – Run as fast as you can to get the furthest jump into the muddy puddle.

ICE-CREAM MAKER –Select the ingredients, mix them together and then add your favourite toppings to make a lovely ice cream for Peppa & George to enjoy.

BICYCLE RACE – Cycle as fast as you can to win the race. Look out for Peppa’s House, Grandad Dog at the Garage, the Fun Fair and the Playground.

TUG OF WAR – Peppa and her friends are playing Tug of War. See if you can be on the winning side.

ROSETTE MAKING - Design your own rosette and watch it being awarded to the winners. It will also appear in the sticker book too.

STICKER ALBUM - Collect virtual stickers along the way and use them to decorate your Sticker Album. There are 26 stickers to collect and 4 backgrounds to choose from.

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iOS (23.09.2013)
We are aware that the installation of iOS7 on compatible devices has caused Peppa Pigs Sports Day to malfunction.

We are in the process of completing an update to fix the issues and expect this to be released on the AppStore shortly.

The update will of course be free of charge to existing owners.

We can only apologise for the inconvenience this temporary and unforeseen issue has caused.
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