Fireman Sam - Junior Cadet


Fireman Sam – Junior Cadet has been updated again with Brand New FREE themed content. Update includes an extra 20 Stickers and 4 Exciting New Backgrounds, all unlocked and ready to use in your sticker album.* No In-App Purchase Required.

Young fans can learn with Fireman Sam and the rest of the Pontypandy Fire Crew as they take on the role of a fire cadet in training. They can earn an ‘Honorary Junior Fire Fighter’ certificate before putting their skills to the test and helping out Fireman Sam in some action-packed emergencies.

Choose from 8 Fireman Sam themed activities, including single and multi-player games, video player, and a special reward sticker book with *Print Function.

Featuring the characters plus all the familiar music and sound effects from the TV show – JUNIOR CADET is a must have app that is sure to entertain and delight all Fireman Sam fans!

This app is fully translated and contains the following languages to play in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Polish.

HOSE PRACTISE – Learn how to use the hose with Elvis by filling buckets with water. Also playable against the clock for an extra challenge! .

HIDE ‘N’ SEEK – Norman is up to his old tricks and has hidden lots of objects around the fire station. Help Fireman Sam to find them but watch out for Norman!

LOAD JUPITER – Help Fireman Sam to load Jupiter. Find the correct items by matching the shadows. Also playable as a memory game to challenge older players.

TO THE RESCUE – Navigate Jupiter through the maze and help put out the fire. There are 18 different mazes to play.

SKY HIGH RESCUE – Oh dear the cats have escaped. Practice your rescue skills and help Fireman Sam to catch them.

FIRE FIGHTER – Finally – a call out to the first fire! Use hose targeting skills to put out all the flames! Good luck!

STICKER ALBUM - Collect virtual stickers along the way and decorate your Sticker Album with many different Fireman Sam items and characters. Also when finished, print out your picture*.

VIDEO PLAYER – Earn a video reward for every 5 games played then watch them in the Video Player.

Three Play Modes: EASY, HARD and 2 PLAYER.

*Print function and latest sticker book update currently available on iOS only. To use the print function access to an AirPrint enabled printer or emulator is required.

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App Support
iOS (13.03.2012)
Relevant FAQs
- My app freezes on the first screen
- How do I progress beyond the first screen
- Setting up Player Profile

A PDF Help Sheet is available to download.
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Creating a Player Profile and Playing The Game
Some users have problems progressing past the initial Player Profile screen, thinking the game has crashed or hung, whereas in fact the game is waiting for user input.

When you first play Fireman Sam all three player profiles will be empty. This is shown as “…” in each of the three profile slots.

To start a game you must first create at least one player profile. To do this, touch any empty profile slot shown on the screen and enter a name using the keyboard which will appear on the screen. Make sure you touch the Tick Button to save the name.

To play the game, touch any named slot shown on the profile screen.

If you want to create a new player, touch any empty profile slot and enter a name using the keyboard which will appear on the screen. Make sure you touch the Tick Button to save your name.

You can delete player profiles at any time by touching the CROSS next to the relevant profile. When asked, touch the Tick Button to verify you want to delete the profile.

If you still encounter further problems check for other FAQs on this subject or email our support department for further help. We answer every email, usually within 24 hours and pride ourselves in going the extra mile to fix all reported issues.

Email us at: [email protected]
iOS (21.03.2013)
iOS (10.01.2013)
Android (21.03.2013)

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